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  • chloremia — 1. SYN: chlorosis. 2. SYN: hyperchloremia. * * * chlor·e·mia or chiefly Brit chlor·ae·mia klōr ē mē ə, klȯr n 1) CHLOROSIS 2) excess of chlorides in the blood * * * chlor·emia (klor eґme ə) [chlor + emia] hyperchloremia …   Medical dictionary

  • chloremia — chlor·e·mia …   English syllables

  • Hyperchloremia — Elevated blood levels of chloride. Chloride is the major anion found in the fluid outside of cells and in blood. An anion is the negatively charged part of certain substances such as table salt (NaCl) when dissolved in liquid. Sea water has… …   Medical dictionary

  • chlorosis — Rarely used term for a form of chronic hypochromic microcytic (iron deficiency) anemia, characterized by a great reduction in hemoglobin out of proportion to the decreased number of red blood cells; observed chiefly in females from …   Medical dictionary

  • green — Synonyms and related words: Astroturf, a novice at, a stranger to, acerb, acerbate, acerbic, acescent, adolescent, aestival, alive, amateur, amateurish, artificial turf, artless, at half cock, awkward, befoolable, beryl green, berylline,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • verdure — Synonyms and related words: botany, chloranemia, chloremia, chlorophyll, chlorosis, flora, flowerage, glaucescence, glaucousness, green, greenery, greenishness, greenness, greens, greensickness, herbage, leafage, plant kingdom, plant life, plants …   Moby Thesaurus

  • hypochloremia — hy·po·chloremia …   English syllables

  • chloraemia — variant of chloremia …   Useful english dictionary

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